Dawn Aftanis, Benefits/Insurance/Accounts Payable 609-465-1800, Ext. 3119 Responsible for: Purchase order process, Payments to vendors, Employee tuition reimbursement, Student tuition contracts, Health benefit & dental enrollments, Workers’ compensation/property claims, Accident/Property Insurance, Manage service bids, District contracts.

Christine Ritchie, Secretarial Assistant to the SBA and Superintendent 609-465-1800, Ext. 3103 Responsible for: Secretarial Duties for the SBA/BS, Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes, Personnel Coordinator – Vacancy Posting, New Hire/Separation Processing, Personnel Files, Contracts, Civil Service Coordinator.

Mary Kate Garry, Payroll Clerk 609-465-1800, Ext. 3116 Responsible for: Processing of payroll, time cards, employment verifications, quarterly state and federal reports, annual federal reports, and leaves of absence.

Vicki Walton, Assistant Supervisor of Accounts 609-465-1800, Ext. 3105 Responsible for:  Processing all district revenue, Reconciling all district accounts, Transfers, Working with auditors, All Special revenue grants, lease purchasing, Tuition contracts, Food Service activities, Free and Reduced liaison, Debt Service, CST service billing, Fixed Assets.

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