Superintendent's Message

Dear Educational Community:

Welcome to Middle Township Public Schools. Our educational community has been defined by its strong civic values, tradition and innovation. Our dedicated staff and students take great pride in the excellent education and environment they create on a daily basis. We call this Panther Pride!

The Middle Township School District provides its students with a foundation that prepares them for academic challenges and personal enrichment. This opportunity provides equitable access to academic subject areas, as well as exposure to the arts, athletics, and other activities, all of which are available to every student. We believe exposure to these different pillars of instruction is essential to produce a well-rounded student. As a school district representing the diverse needs of our students, our educational community is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that not only challenges all students, but provides them with the necessary skills to become successful active citizens.

The Middle Township School District is only as strong as its relationships with parents and community residents. So, whether visiting our schools, attending a musical or theatrical performance, or cheering on one of our athletic teams, I hope we can provide you with a reason to be part of our family. One of the core goals in the District’s Strategic Plan is to strengthen our relationship with the community to provide our students with rigorous academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

Please take the time to peruse our website and social media outlets to join in the conversation of making our school system great.

Thank you for visiting our website and Facebook pages and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the district further.

Dr. David Salvo
Superintendent,  Middle Township Public Schools

Dr. David Salvo

Administration Staff

Dr. David Salvo, Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Robert F. Johnson, Director of Special Education
Dr. Toni Lehman, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Diane S.  Fox,  School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Mr. Christian J. Paskalides, Principal, Elementary #1
Mr. Donald Robertson, Assistant Principal, Elementary #1
Ms. Nancy Loteck, Principal, Elementary #2
Ms. Carolyn Sinone, Assistant Principal , Elementary #2
Mr. Jeffrey Ortman, Principal, Middle School
Mr. Andre Hodges Jr., Assistant Principal, Middle School
Mr. George West III, Principal, High School
Ms. Rachelle Quick, Assistant Principal, High School
Mr. Brad MacLeod, Assistant Principal, High School
Ms. Sharon Rementer, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal, High School
Mr. Scott Webster, Director of Security