Parents may contact teachers by phone as well as via staff email. Many teachers maintain a web page with current class information and assignments. This is a great way to find out what is going on in your child’s classroom.  School Phone: 609-465-1834

Click on a teacher’s website link next to their name to see the teachers web page.

Staff Name Voicemail Ext. Email Website
June Camizzi 4705 [email protected] Website
Constance Chabok 4013 [email protected]
Heather Chew 4015 [email protected] Website
Paul Connor 4759 [email protected]
Kelsey Cooley 4731 [email protected]
Monia DeRose 4010 [email protected]
Jessica Douglass 4710 [email protected]
Robert Edwards 4703 [email protected]
Lelah Eppenbach 4761 [email protected]
David Farrow 4711 [email protected]
Sean Gimeno 4714 [email protected]
Thomas Griffin 4706 [email protected]
William Handley 4717 [email protected]
Shannon Hathaway 4747 [email protected]
Holly Heacock 4733 [email protected]
Heather Hemingway 4704 [email protected] Website
Jennifer Heun 4744 [email protected]
Sheri Highberger 4746 [email protected]
Shannon Hunsicker 4725 [email protected]
Colleen Jara-McCaughan 4012 [email protected]
Kenneth Johnson 4718 [email protected]
Lee-Ann Kane 4006 [email protected] Website
Dean Kirby 4753 [email protected]
Tara Krajicek 4702 [email protected]
Erin Majane 4007 [email protected]
Joshua McCarty 4755 [email protected] Website
Michael McCormick 4009 [email protected]
Brian McCray 4724 [email protected]
Amy McGarrity 4740 [email protected]
Heather McKeown 4101 [email protected]
Lisa Mericle 4727 [email protected] Website
Donia Mills 4707 [email protected]
David Moyer 4729 [email protected]
Adam Nuzzi 4736 [email protected]
Kara Osmundsen 4732 [email protected]
Jennifer Peabody 4745 [email protected]
MaryRose Piro 4734 [email protected]
Susan Pohle 4735 [email protected]
Robertta Pruszinski 4737 [email protected] Website
Michaela Repici 4713 [email protected]
Gary Rhile 4715 [email protected]
Paul Ringkamp 4738 [email protected]
Dawn Robbins 4739 [email protected]
Maudo Rodriguez 4700 [email protected]
Susan Roselli 4741 [email protected]
Paula Rozyn 4008 [email protected]
Donna Rubcich 4742 [email protected]
Megan Russ 4760 [email protected]
Amy Schlereth 4757 [email protected]
Malcolm Talton 4413 [email protected]
Debbie Tweed 4110 [email protected]
Natalia Webster 4728 [email protected]
Christopher White 4758 [email protected]
Robert Wishart 4413 [email protected]
Matthew Zigner 4752 [email protected] Website