Throughout the year, various clubs, sports or activities are sponsored by faculty members. These extracurricular activities meet after school and are open to all eligible middle school students. Additionally, students may participate during the day in band and/or choir.

There is a 4:00 pm activity bus available for students who participate in after school activities from Monday through Thursday. Any student who is still waiting for parent pickup after the buses arrive must board the activity bus so that they can be safely transported home. There are no staff available after 4:00 pm to supervise students.

Art Club McGarrity Monday D-3
Band - After School Griffin Monday, Wednesday & Thursday High School
Choir Camizzi Monday Band Room
Drama Wynn TBA  TBA
Garden/Nature Club Avicolli TBA
GIS Handley Monday Computer Lab
Guitar Club Ringkamp Thursday C-6
Homework Club - 6th Pohle Wednesday B-2
Homework Club - 7th Handley Wednesday & Thursday D-5
Homework Club - 8th Zigner Wednesday C-13
LEGO Club Mulgrew Monday B-1
Movie Club Rodriguez Tuesday & Wednesday D-7
Pink Panthers Pohle & Mills Tuesday & Thursday B-2
Sign Language Club Kirby & Highberger Wednesday & Thursday C-11
Skyping Scholars Heun Tuesday C-8
STEM Club Rhile TBA A-2
Step Team
Student Council Farrow Wednesday C-1
Success Farrow Tuesday C-1
United Young Generation Farrow Monday C-1
Wood Club Moyer Monday A-3