Definition: A reference book or online publication consisting of various lists, tables, and brief articles relating to a particular field or many general fields.
Almanac of Policy Issues
Web site description: Provides comprehensive background information and links on major U.S. public policy issues. The Almanac is an independent public service not affiliated with any particular issue or cause.
InfoPlease Almanacs
Sections include: World, United States, History & Government, Biography, Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Business, Society & Culture, and Health & Science.
The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Contains information on Astronomy, Weather, Weather, Gardening, Food, and the Outdoors.  Note, there are many display ads on these pages, which can cause your browser to perform slowly.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids
Fun, graphic version that includes the following sections: Calendar, Sky Watch, Weather, History, Pets, Outdoors, and Puzzles.  These pages don’t contain as many display ads.

The World Fact Book
Published by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the site is updated every 2 weeks.  Visit the FAQs to find out what type of information is and is not included.
Definition 1: A book or bound collection of maps (or collection of online maps), sometimes with supplementary illustrations and graphic analyses.
Definition 2: A volume of tables, charts, or plates that systematically illustrates a particular subject: an anatomical atlas.
Atlapedia Online
Contains full color physical maps, political maps, and key facts and statistics on countries.
Advertised as the best Federal source for national maps and geographic information.  Some of the things you can do at this site are view your own customized maps, work with interactive maps, and order maps for your home, office, or classroom.
Definition: A dictionary or index of places, usually with descriptive or statistical information.
U.S. Gazetteer
Enter zip code to find maps and 1990 census information.
World Gazetteer
Provides current and some historical population data for countries and territories, their administrative divisions, cities, and towns.  Historical data here means data from the last census or last two censuses.  Find national flags for all countries and territories and some administrative divisions.  Additionally,  you can view some summary statistics (ex. list of the largest cities).
Cambridge University Press Online Dictionary
Includes English, French/English, and Spanish/English.
Free, includes dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia.
Infoplease Dictionary
You can also access the thesaurus here.
Internet Acronym Server
Type in your desired acronym (ex. SAT) in the search field.  You can also access random acronyms from the left-hand frame.
Wordsmyth S.A.T. Dictionary
Includes the 2,000 words that appear most often on the S.A.T. tests.
Britannica Online
Middle Township H.S. has recently added access to this great online encyclopedia – in school, no passwords are needed to use.
Google Maps
View maps in the U.S. and beyond or get driving directions.
Library of Congress Map Collections 
Focuses on Americana and Cartographic Treasures digitized from maps from and atlases dating from 1500-2004 that for the most part, are not subject to copyright.  The Library of Congress Geography and Map division contains over 4.5 million items and this digital map collection is only a small part of it.  You can access the maps by 7 different categories such as Cities and Towns and Conservation and Environment.
View maps and get driving directions.  Keep in mind directions provided are not always exact.
Yahoo Maps
View maps and get driving directions.  Keep in mind directions provided are not always exact.
Crime Statistics and Data
Provides data such as criminal justice statistics for Australia, statistics for U.S. cities and counties and F.B.I Uniform Crime Reports.  Note that we have the 2005 Uniform Crime Report in our reference collection.
Contains statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal Agencies.  You will find data on the Gulf Coast Hurricane, Statistics by Geography, and much, much more.
U.S. Census Bureau
Contains a wide range of statistical data by category including Census 2000 information, People, Business, Geography, and Special Topics.
Other Reference – Note: to access, click on the “Reference” tab.  Hold down the ctrl key if your browser is suppressing pop-ups.
Contains various resources, some of which include the Columbia Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of World History, The Columbia Gazetteer of North America, The American Heritage Dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus, The Columbia World of Quotations, etc.
Includes Almanacs, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, and White Pages.